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Our Mission

North Bay Children's Center provides comprehensive high-quality child care and early education programs fueled by our vision of excellence and a spirit of innovation.  Our mission is to assure optimal development for every child we serve through:

  • Culturally rich programs that prepare children from diverse backgrounds to succeed socially, emotionally and academically
  • Our Garden of Eatin' program that weaves a culture of health and wellness throughout the organization and serves as a model for other communities to emulate
  • Strong family, school, and community partnerships that support a shared belief in each child's ability to succeed


  From NBCC's Founder and Executive Director, Susan Gilmore

"North Bay Children’s Center was founded on the belief that every child should be provided equal access to quality care and early education, which paves the way for academic success for years to come.  Thanks to our wonderful staff, committed Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, I’m proud to say that NBCC not only meets this goal for each year but we continue to create new, innovative children’s programs.

These new programs include Raising a Reader, our early literacy project, which is designed to encourage parents to read with their children and establish regular reading routines at home, and our Garden of Eatin’ project intended to combat childhood obesity by teaching children to make better, well-informed nutritional choices as they learn about health and nutrition through an integrated, hands-on environmental curriculum.  Our teaching garden has become a regional model forschool garden programs across the state and we invite you to come and take a tour to experience the magic.

Many of us who live here in Marin and Sonoma Counties have much for which to be grateful, yet the ability for working families to remain in our counties is a growing challenge.  For most families the cost of child care is their second largest monthly expense behind housing.  It is through the community’s support that our programs are able to help families balance work and family life as they struggle to stay in the area.

Since our incorporation in 1986, NBCC has served thousands of children and their families.  We believe that all children should have access to high quality care and therefore we offer scholarships to families that meet state income guidelines.”

During their first five years, the relationships young children develop with adults and other children, combined with quality early learning experiences pave the way for academic success for years to come.  NBCC strives to ensure that the key components of quality early learning are met by: 

  • Hiring educated, well trained early childhood teachers who can work effectively in partnership with the diverse communities we serve
  • Maintaining low teacher child ratios that meet California Department of Education and NAEYC standards
  • Providing age appropriate curriculum that supports all aspects of child development
  • Forming strong partnerships with parents by engaging them in program activities, parent education evenings and by informing them on a regular basis of their child's progress and development
  • Partnering with outside agencies to ensure families have access to comprehensive resources that include health screening, developmental assessments and social services

NBCC is a non-profit, community supported organization that provides nurturing, developmentally based educational programs for children from age 6 weeks through age 12.  Our classroom environments promote the healthy cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of young children.



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